Women’s Empowerment and Leadership Program


The Women’s Empowerment and Leadership Program aims to increase the number of Mongolian women employed in positions of leadership and at decision making levels in the workforce and government. We work towards empowerment for all women, and work with everyone from students to politicians to ensure positive changes for women in Mongolia. Empowerment extends from leaderships skills training, to body positive programs and works shops on body image and self-confidence.

Women hold 70% of government positions at the local level in Mongolia, however at the decision making levels of parliament, only 17% of roles are occupied by women. For the last six years Women for Change has been working to change this statistic.

PWLP – Professional Women’s Leadership Program

Our PWLP launched in 2015 and has been a huge success. In fact, it has proved so popular that in 2016 we received over 400 applications for the program! We are extremely proud of our 42 graduates who have completed the program since that time… And it seems that empowering others might be contagious – our graduates have established an alumni group through which they support, encourage and learn from each other.

Comic Book Series

You might not have read any comics since you were a child – but we promise you’ll be interested in this one. In 2016 we launched Mongolia’s first feminist comic ‘Gaikhmaa Gaikhakhaa Bolison Ni’ – in which our hero ‘Questioning Girl’ explores issues of human rights, gender equality and civic education in a culturally sensitive way. Our first edition covered the democratic process and the importance of political participation in a gender and culturally sensitive way. In her second outing, Question Girl explored issues of domestic violence within Mongolian society and helped women identify domestic violence and seek support. We have a feeling Question Girl will be back again very soon!


Beautiful Bodies 

We believe that beauty comes in all shape and sizes; despite what the media might try to tell us! We created the Beautiful Bodies project because many of our members report high levels of body image anxieties. Alarmingly, when we surveyed 687 young women, 70% of them told us that they would undertake cosmetic surgery if they had the opportunity. Women report feeling pressured to look like the models and celebrities they see throughout the media.

The Beautiful Body project worked to educate, promote health and encourage a body positive attitude. We recruited 30 volunteers to appear in our Beautiful Bodies photo exhibition. These 30 women represented a range of ages, body size, ability and experiences, including pregnant women, mothers, athletes and family members. By showing that there is no one, single, standard of beauty we challenged people to question what is driving their body image anxieties and to recognize how broad beauty really is.