Our Members

IMG_20160702_164255.jpgIf it takes a village to raise a child, it surely takes a whole community of passionate, talented, like-minded people to combat gender discrimination and to ensure equal human rights for all. We’ve found that community in our incredible members.

Our 104 members are a diverse group of women from across Mongolia. They include students, business women, teachers, single-mothers, engineers, heads of households, lawyers, doctors, and members from ethnic minority groups.

We are also incredibly proud of the sub-groups that have been created by our members. These allow our members to support each other and pursue specific areas of gender equality. These include:

Mommy’s for Change – A sub-group founded in response to many of our members starting families and seeking parenting advice and support. Their Modern Mongolian Family Facebook site is a safe forum for women to discuss parenting issues, share articles and ideas and advocate for mother and child rights.

Professional Women’s Leadership Program Alumni Association – Created in 2016 by graduates from our leadership program, the PWLP Alumni Association support, encourage and learn from each other as they pursue professional leadership positions.


Last but certainly not least – our Facebook supporters. In 2016 we reached over 56,900 likes on our Facebook page, which is where we share our latest projects, achievements and information. To like us on Facebook, please click here and give us a ‘thumbs up’.