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Thanks for checking in on what we’ve been up to lately. We’d like to share with you an opportunity we are very excited about!

Nord Art

Our “artivism” (art + activism) campaign “Beautiful Bodies” was selected to participate in this international art exhibition as one of the top 200 artists from more than 3,000 artists representing 105 countries. NordArt is one of the largest annual shows of contemporary art in Europe. NordArt celebrates its anniversary this year: for the 20th time, the exhibition presents paintings and sculptures, photographs and installations by 200 selected artists from all over the world.

“Beautiful Bodies” photo exhibition focused on addressing stereotypes put on women’s body, while conducting workshops, public discussions, short video and media tools to advocate for the greater public towards the cause throughout March 2017. The project aimed to educate women and men, promote health and encourage a body positive attitude, also encouraging women to question where their body anxieties come from and to cast a more critical eye at the images of women they are exposed to by the media. The initial photo art exhibition featured 25 Mongolian women’s photographs in the style of world iconic portraits, by depicting them in poses from classical and modern art.

We are excited to showcase this project at NordArt in Germany starting June 9th 2018 until October 7th 2018.